Posts By: Tristan Scott

Dogs and the Hunt

Without dogs most of what made the hunt special would have been lost in time, like tears in grass

By Rob Breeding

Running On Empty

Montana’s home shortage is making housing a luxury with anyone lucky enough to own a piece of the Flathead suddenly wealthy

By Mike Jopek

Montana Foundation Capping Abandoned Oil Wells

Nonprofit 'Well Done Foundation' caps wells across the nation; Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation estimates there are about 200 orphaned wells in Montana

By PHIL DRAKE Independent Record

Hunting Wisdom for Townsfolk

Kitchen work is an essential step in the journey from field to table, but you’ve got to kill it first

By Rob Breeding

Pandemic is Far from Over

Welcome to Kalispell, where personal responsibility trumps anything else, and people are dying

By Maggie Doherty

Kimchi and Bacon Fried Rice

This Korean ingredient transforms whatever meal it’s added to, and we treat the richly flavorful liquid it’s packed in as a separate ingredient

By Christopher Kimball

Be a Courteous Driver

My message is simple: Respect the speed limits, don’t bunch up by tailgating and be a courteous driver

By Chris Zarcone

Running Up for Air

As wildfires grow in intensity, the air quality of mountain-valley communities in western Montana has continued to diminish

By Tristan Scott

Archives of Darkness

I fully understand that political dark money laundering is stunningly complex, excruciatingly boring, magnitudes harder to “report” than car wrecks. But dark money matters.

By Dave Skinner

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