Posts By: Tristan Scott

Nothing Else Matters

The Flathead County Sheriff seeks only to add more boots on the ground to accommodate the incredible population growth our county has experienced

By Tammi Fisher

Drying Herbs

I dry most herbs in a dehydrator, spreading them on the trays to dry at the lowest setting

By Julie Laing

Working It

This is Montana, a state where the working class remains active, often managing a seemingly endless supply of tourists patronizing our great hometowns

By Mike Jopek

More than Meets the Eye

It’s counterproductive to teach a crate-trained dog to view their kennel as punishment — but not every rule must be followed, zealously

By Rob Breeding

Unacknowledged Collective Grief

Do I no longer know how to socialize without bringing up doom and gloom? Did the pandemic strip me of all my social awareness and grace? 

By Maggie Doherty

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