Guest Column

Guest Column

Cleaner, Cheaper Energy Future

We’ve all been aware for a long time that renewable sources of energy like the sun and wind are better for our health and our planet than fossil fuels like oil and coal. But many have also assumed – and fossil fuel industries have certainly claimed – that renewable sources are more expensive. Fortunately, this […]

By Ed Gulick
Guest Column

Forest Bill Will Maintain Jobs

As timber mill owners and managers in Montana, we’re disappointed that the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act, a bill to create jobs for loggers and millworkers, was prevented from passing in Congress last month. Hundreds of workers in our mills, along with hundreds of independent contractors and vendors we work with, all supporting hundreds of […]

By Loren Rose, Tony Colter, Dan Daly and Wayne Hirst
Guest Column

Whitefish’s New High School

The cost of funding public education has expanded exponentially over the last 40 years. Some of the reasons for that include the American Disabilities Act, Special Education requirements, Title IX (gender equity requirements), and the new technology infrastructure. However, the simple fact remains that those escalating costs have far outstripped the inflation rate and many […]

By John Fuller
Guest Column

Shopping Small Can Make a Big Difference

For the third consecutive month, the National Federation of Independent Business’ Small Business Economic Trends report, a key economic benchmark used by Federal Reserve officials and congressional leaders, showed an increase in small-business optimism – a leading indicator of economic growth.? ? While this news gives a glimmer of economic hope, a closer look at […]

By Riley Johnson
Guest Column

The National Christmas Tree

It is that time of year again, when millions of Americans are on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. Some trek into the woods seeking the tree and outdoor experience. Others make their selection from a local Christmas tree farmer and some simply unpack the Christmas tree storage box from the attic or garage. […]

By Julia Altemus
Guest Column

Roadless Areas Good for Wilderness

I read with interest Tom Crimmins’ guest column (Nov. 16 Beacon: “Release Inventoried Roadless Lands”) and would like to commend him for 32 years of service with the U.S. government (Forest Service). But he has several opinions that are unsettling to me. The Roadless Area Review and Evaluation (RARE) and RARE II were good for […]

By Keith W. Kratzer
Guest Column

Respect Environment and Citizens’ Rights

I support Whitefish’s goal of having strong, positive and vigorously enforced land use policies and its vision of a city where urban sprawl is limited and growth is controlled. I have supported the Dark Skies Initiative for years. One of my reasons for coming to the Flathead 20 years ago was the environment here that […]

By Matt Rigg
Guest Column

County Doughnut Survey is Flawed

Did the Flathead County commissioners really think no one would notice the fraudulent makeup of the mailing list they used to survey a “select” group of Whitefish “doughnut” property owners? Many long-time residents were not even sent a survey, while many out-of-state property owners got multiple survey cards. The survey methodology used by the county […]

By Mayre Flowers