Out Of Bounds

Out of Bounds

Sunrise of Spring

Some of the best dry fly fishing of the year is underway right now on the Bitterroot River

Out of Bounds

A Year Since the Fall

I realize I’m one of the fortunate few who got through the 2020 horror show largely unscathed

Out of Bounds

Montana Fish Records Fall

On March 3, Robbie Dockter of Conrad set a new state record for brown trout, catching a 32-pound, 6-ounce fish

Out of Bounds

Oldest Bear in the Woods

Thirty-four years is a long time to stay out of trouble, especially in a rapidly changing region near Jackson Hole

Out of Bounds

Familiar Landscapes

Sometimes there’s nothing better than revisiting a place you know so well it’s practically an old friend

When Dinos Roamed the Tundra

Reading the scientific theories about how dinosaurs coped with the Arctic winter reminds me of what wimps humans are

The Face of an Owl

Sometimes, even the most barren and overcrowded of places provides a refuge for wild things

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