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The Mountain that Nearly Broke Cody Townsend

Professional skier Cody Townsend is midway through his effort to ski the 50 classic lines in North America, but one out-of-the-way line in Glacier National Park proved the hardest of his career


Flingin’ Farofa in the Flathead

Copacabana Grill’s unprecedented concept – a Brazilian steakhouse on wheels, lightly Americanized and operating exclusively in Northwest Montana – is matched only by its unlikely operators


Meet the Chef: Kallai Boyce

A conversation with Sacred Eats chef Kallai Boyce about the journey from the farm of her childhood to mastering a resourceful kitchen


Death and the Dam

Fifteen people were killed during the construction of the Selis’ Ksanka Qlispe Dam near Polson in the 1930s



Eggs in cocktails – like a flip or a fizz – can create an experience like few other ingredients can



Six Flathead Valley seniors share their wisdom on how getting old is not all it’s cracked up to be… it's so much more.


Season of the Senses

Snow envelopes the ridge with its deafening silence. The wind cuts deep, burning hotter than a stoked fire. Swallow the ice-cold air; feel the countryside in the marrow of your bones. Experience every idle hour, winter lingers on.


Forest House

Whitefish’s Forest Home brings the great outdoors inside for year-round enjoyment


One Foundry to Rule Them All

For more than four decades, Montana’s largest foundry, Kalispell Art Casting, has been molding bronze for artists worldwide

48 Degrees North

A Chilly Celebration

The first Whitefish Winter Carnival was in 1959 and it’s been held every year since


First-Class Dining at The Merc

Restaurateur Pat Carloss opens Mercantile Steakhouse in Kalispell’s KM Building and finds a clientele hungry for quality downtown dining


From Speed Queen to Head Coach

Olympic skiing silver medalist Hilary Lindh takes the helm as Flathead Valley Ski Education Foundation's head coach and program director at Whitefish Mountain Resort, following a successful career in downhill racing for the U.S. Ski Team