LETTER: The Risk of Being Risk Adverse

Benjamin Franklin said, “Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security.” I find these words most apropos today. Our society as a whole has become so risk adverse every calamity requires an insurance policy or legislation to ensure “ it can’t happen again.” In an effort to make our workplace safe, we’ve […]

By Bill Payne

LETTER: North Fork Protection Vital

Republican Congressman Steve Daines has introduced HR 2259, a North Fork Watershed Protection Act, and he deserves much credit for doing so. Democratic Sens. Max Baucus and Jon Tester had earlier introduced virtually identical legislation (Senate Bill 255). It passed out of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on June 18 of this year. […]

By John Frederick

LETTER: Koocanusa Forgotten by FWP

Lake Koocanusa is a large lake over 70 miles long, stretching from near Libby past Eureka to the north into Canada. It is a beautiful lake with much promise, but currently it seems to be a failed fishery forgotten by the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. There are primarily three type fish in Koocanusa. There’s […]

By Steve Mangold

LETTER:Time for Publicly Financed Elections

Over 50 years ago I heard that our great country was divided by “Us” versus “Them.” At that time Us was 90 percent and Them was 10 percent. About 20 years ago it shifted to where Us was 95 percent and Them was 5 percent. In the past year or two it has become Us […]

By Peter Daniels

LETTER: Support Forest Jobs and Recreation Act

Congressman Steve Daines, I would like to thank you for your support of the North Fork Watershed Protection Act. As a Flathead Valley resident, I am encouraged by your bipartisan support of a bill that protects wildlife and our outdoor oriented way of life. This shows me that you are committed to acting in the […]

By Allison Linville

LETTER: Don’t Take Food Stamps Off the Table

There’s nothing better than summer in Montana. Sweet Flathead cherries, fresh bread baked with Montana wheat, huckleberries and bison burgers on the grill. In Montana, we share our bounty. The main reason Montanans lock their doors in the summer? So their neighbors won’t drop off another bushel of zucchini or rhubarb. But for the one […]

By Jackie Semmens

LETTER: Exposing Crime is Not Treason

Every single American has had the National Security Agency interfere with their emails. One young man exposes this technological spying activity and Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner rails “Treason!” How do you secretly oversee private correspondence then shout “treason” at someone who is exposing it? History is replete with puppets like Boehner. He […]

By Mike Donohue

LETTER: Obama’s Baffling Support

When I examine the first five years of the Obama presidency, I see huge government outlays for food stamps; unemployment compensation; subsidies for crony corporations; bailouts for multinational banks; the creation of even more bureaucracies; a continued outpouring of foreign aid; and, finally, the introduction of his signature accomplishment: Obamacare. This final extravagance will make […]

By Bill Payne

LETTER: Montana’s Natural Resource Jobs Depend on Rail Transportation

We’ve seen a lot of handwringing over coal trains lately. But frankly, railroads are an essential part of Montana’s growth, more now than probably since the first tracks were laid in the state more than 100 years ago. Whether coal trains, grain trains, lumber trains, or oil trains – it’s all good for Montana. It’s […]

By Mark Lambrecht

LETTER: Pendulum Swings Between Lesser of Two Evils

Not much gets accomplished in American politics as the raging battle between the two political parties has gone on for my entire lifetime (70 years.) I started following politics as a very young lad (8 years old) who read the newspaper daily and watched TV news and met my first U.S. president, General Dwight David […]

By Bill Baum

LETTER: Bankrupting Energy

Fossil fuel development is not going to develop Montana’s economy. Oil and coal companies are greatly overvalued, according to a new report by the Carbon Tracker Initiative. According to the report, if we are going to keep the Earth’s temperature from increasing more than 2 degrees Celsius, the limit which scientists have said is the […]

By Wade Sikorski

LETTER: Invest in Natural Resource Development that Benefits All of Montana

For many years, Montana has developed our natural resources – we can think of timber in western Montana, copper in Butte, coal throughout many parts of the state and again a resurgence of oil and gas in eastern Montana. At their economic peaks, each energy industry has created a quick demand for additional services and […]

By Steve Arveschoug

LETTER: Benghazi Matters

The article headlined “Does Benghazi Matter?” (May 22 Beacon) was most enlightening. I was especially intrigued by the opinions of Joe Carbonari. He asked two questions: 1. Should a more vigorous military response have been ordered? And 2. Was a politically motivated cover-up attempted? Carbonari’s observations of the Benghazi issue seem to be in agreement […]

By Jerry Molen

LETTER: Whitefish’s Highway 93 South Corridor Needs Attention

We have come a long way. And have a long way to go. When I was a young boy, my grandparents took me and my two sisters on a summer road trip from our hometown in northern Wisconsin to my aunt’s place in southern California. Before that trip, my family’s meager means prevented us from […]

By John Anderson

LETTER: Fighting for Our Nation’s Health

Have you noticed, lately, just within our own country the number of controversies, sensible and non-sensible hearings on Capitol Hill, protests and outright outrage among “We The People” on things important to our nation’s health? Look at just these: (1) “Citizens United’s” faltering stand on “corporations are people.” Los Angeles just joined 175 other cities […]

By Bob McClellan

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