Wolf Management Not Based on Science

Despite my 20 years of research and experience with wolves, I remain appalled at humanity’s intolerance toward these animals. This mindset is supported and perpetuated by those responsible for wolf management. Where I live, this is Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP). The agency claims that management and public wolf hunts are based in science. […]

By Jay Mallonee

Send a Message that Corporations aren’t People

As you may know, the Corrupt Practices Act was put in place by a citizen’s initiative in 1912. It was a reaction by the people of Montana to copper king William Clark buying a seat in the United States Senate by paying each of Montana’s state senators $10,000 (the equivalent of about $250,000 in today’s […]

By Janet S. Blackler

Sign Petition to Put City Airport Vote on Ballot

It is no coincidence that the five Kalispell city councilors – Jim Atkinson, Randy Kenyon, Jeff Zauner, Kari Gabriel and Wayne Saverud – who voted to cancel a referendum on the future of the City Airport, are the same five who defeated a motion to maintain the airport as it is and who voted instead […]

By William Cox

Community Finds Common Ground in Troy

For decades, the Kootenai has been caught in a tug-of-war between factions wishing to set the future of this lush and productive piece of national forest. The good news is, some of those folks – including loggers, timber mills, local communities, and conservationists – have realized they can get further when they pull together, instead […]

By Robyn King, Ed Levert, Bill Martin, Tim Dougherty, Sarah Lundstrum, Jerry Wandler

If Education is Important, Why Not Health Care?

Congressman Denny Rehberg is doing a lot of chest-thumping about how he’s in the fight to repeal Obamacare. While thousands of Montanans suffer without access to affordable health care and health insurance, he and the GOP are using words like “socialism” and “unprecedented” to alarm their base. What they call socialism is actually similar to […]

By Cherilyn DeVries

Climate Change Puts Our Country at Risk

I’d like to respond to State Sen. Verdell Jackson’s recent thoughts on climate change (July 4 Beacon: “We Do Not Control the Climate”). 1) Mr. Jackson asserts “there is no replicable (verify by reproduction) scientific evidence that human-caused carbon dioxide emissions cause climate change. It doesn’t exist.” I don’t know whether he’s lying on purpose, […]

By Todd Tanner

Obamacare Confounds the Health Care System

I appreciated the “health care” reporting by Myers Reece (July 4 Beacon: “Mixed Reactions to Health Care Ruling”). As part of the team who facilitated several preliminary public meetings regarding the so-called, “Obamacare” issue, I was privileged to listen to public officials (including U.S Sens. Max Baucus and Jon Tester, and Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger […]

By Gina Barker

We are Losing this Battle

Scientists pay attention to a very specific scorecard that most clearly indicates how the battle against man-caused global warming is going. That scorecard is the measured level of CO2 in the background atmosphere. That number is presently 393 parts per million (40 percent higher than the preindustrial era) and is rising at an alarming rate […]

By Eric Grimsrud

We do not Control the Climate

We have been flooded with global warming and climate change claims stating that the evidence is clear, that the debate is closed, that we must act immediately, etc., but in fact there is no replicable (verify by reproduction) scientific evidence that human-caused carbon dioxide emissions cause climate change. It doesn’t exist. Studies of a variety […]

By Sen. Verdell Jackson

HR 1505 a Disgraceful Bill

Glacier National Park is a sanctuary to wildlife, backcountry enthusiasts, and international visitors. Teddy Roosevelt and his contemporaries guaranteed us access to and preservation of such lands in the spirit of both protecting the natural landscape and inviting individuals to enjoy it in a leisurely fashion. HR 1505, supported by our Congressman Denny Rehberg, is […]

By Sara Boilen

Public Schools do an Admirable Job

Greg Gianforte of Right Now Technologies in Bozeman stated, “It is clear our states policies are not in line with the needs and desires of its citizens,” regarding school choice (June 20 Beacon: “Montana a Battleground for School Choice”). In canvassing hundreds of homes in the Columbia Falls area, as a Senate candidate, I ask […]

By Dave Fern

Stop the Blame Game

I am guessing that everyone who reads this newspaper has inherited and needed to fix a difficulty that was generated by someone else. The tendency in that situation is to rail against/whine about the person responsible for the trouble. But most sensible people end up doing their best to fix the problem. Sadly for people […]

By Carol Cummings

Reaffirm Corrupt Practices Act

How do you like political ads now that corruption and lying are legal? In 2012, conservatives dismantled Montana’s ban on knowingly lying in political ads. Conservatives, led by American Tradition Partnership, Montana Right to Life, and Beaverhead and Lake Republican Central Committees, also attacked Montana’s Corrupt Practices Act, a law 75 percent of Montana voters […]

By Jackie Gysler

When Has Government Outlived its Usefulness?

At what point is government, any government, no longer necessary and outlived its usefulness? At what point does it go beyond constructive and become destructive? At what point does the average human being finally say, “I will no longer accept corrupted control over my life”? When does the moment arrive when we wrest back control […]

By Michael Gale

Stop the Democrat War on Women

Enough already! The Democrats really need to stop their escalating assault on women. I, for one, have had enough. First, the Democrats insulted every woman’s intelligence by trying to convince us that a legitimate discussion about First Amendment rights – specifically the protection of religion from government intrusion – was an attack on a woman’s […]

By Carol Cummings

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