LETTER: Romney is the Right Choice

I have followed with interest your recent coverage of the election. However, one key fact has been underemphasized in your reporting. Please remind your readers that our current president has had four years to dig us out of the economic slump, and has not done so. In fact, President Barack Obama’s “spend now, pay later” […]

By Michael Stevens

LETTER: Obama Moving Us in the Right Direction

While you have ably covered the upcoming election, I feel you should better highlight some important context. Four years ago, America faced its greatest economic crisis in generations. Employment was plummeting, and a second Great Depression appeared possible. Since taking office, President Barack Obama has worked tirelessly to stabilize the economy and rebuild America’s middle-class. […]

By Andrew Mills

LETTER: We Don’t Need Another George W. Bush

Mitt Romney wants to take the lead in the Middle East? Maybe he wants to arm the potential terrorists so they can kill thousands of Americans once they kiss and make up with each other. It’s a really bad idea and history tells us we’ll take it in the shorts. Oh man! I hope people […]

By Kathleen Maloney

LETTER: Nation That Forgets God Will Feel God’s Judgment

Like many Americans I watched some of the events at both the Democratic and Republican Conventions. I was not greatly inspired by either party; however, I was shocked as I listened to one session of the Democratic convention when the presiding chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, was desperately endeavoring to lead the convention in […]

By Harvey A. Town

Obama’s Bad Policies Have Awakened America

I would like to give President Barack Obama a giant “Thank you!” I appreciate the opportunity to do this publicly. Many years ago, as a junior high student, I remember enjoying a song in our music class about loving the United States of America. I remember singing out robustly – I really meant it. I […]

By Carol Cummings

Denying Bush

Doesn’t it seem odd that Republicans never mention the most recent Republican president, George W. Bush? He is not with Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan on the campaign trail. He did not speak at the Republican convention, nor is there any reference to his administration by his own party. Eight years of a Republican presidency […]

By Jackie Ladner

Presidential Economics and Deficits

Please care enough about our country to search for facts. 1. Who are the only U.S. presidents since World War II to double or triple the national debt? 2. Which U.S. president’s policies were projected to create a $5.6 trillion budget surplus by 2011 according to the 2001 Congressional Budget Office? 3. Which vice president […]

By Jackie Gysler

What’s at Stake This Election

Have you considered: There are four U.S. Supreme Court justices who are in their mid-70s. In the next four years all four would reach age 80 and one would be 83. Presidents appoint Supreme Court judges so any judges appointed will either be conservative or very liberal. A President Mitt Romney would follow the Constitution […]

By Ginny Reed

Flathead County Could Learn Something from Kalispell

A big difference in attitude about planning exists between the city of Kalispell and Flathead County. It’s a big enough difference to cause one to wonder if the two jurisdictions live on the same planet. Kudos to the city of Kalispell for taking a 40-plus year view of re-development of the original, industrial core of […]

By Dave Hadden

Obama, Tester Support Anti-Gun Activists

If you value your right to own a firearm, you should consider the consequences of voting for President Barack Obama and Sen. Jon Tester in November. Obama nominated two of the most anti-gun individuals in Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court. Jon Tester, along with a Democrat majority in the Senate, […]

By John Vail

A Critical Choice

Choosing a president is not a personality contest. The ability to mesmerize voters with eloquent oratory catering to special interest groups is not the criterion for leading our nation. Many examples could be given of the following points if space permitted. President Barack Obama’s administration has eroded our free enterprise system to the extent that […]

By Mimi and Irv Milheim

When Fear Outweighs Reason

A recent letter from a Kalispell resident provided definitions of “treason” and “traitor” to bolster her claim that, as she put it, “our government has been infiltrated openly with socialists, communists, Marxists and the Muslim Brotherhood.” She also asked readers whether they want to “live under the rule of the United Nations or the Constitution.” […]

By Kathryn Ordway

Demand Political Parties Stop Polarization

Here is a thought for all the President Barack Obama haters: When the economy went into the dumpster in 2008 (Republican president), 90 percent of the country’s top economist stated that it would take 10 years to recover. So what have we seen? The stock market is nearly back to its previous high; corporate profits […]

By Wes Higgins

Symbol of a Deeper Problem

I echo the sentiment of your article, “Kalispell Icon at a Crossroads” (Sept. 5 Beacon). Having grown up in the valley with seven generations of family here, I take a certain amount of responsibility in seeing my community flourish and progress, while valuing the good history that is here. I really want our valley to […]

By Brian Friess

Support Whitefish Legacy Partners

I am writing in support of the Whitefish Legacy Partners work with the city of Whitefish to purchase an easement to permanently protect public access and recreation in the Beaver/Skyles areas, a recreation license in the Spencer areas and to expand The Whitefish Trail. As a Whitefish resident for 29 years, I have been a […]

By Mary Witbrod

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