LETTER: He’s Hooked on a Feeling

To the skier on Big Mountain: I have considered your situation and your stated frustration with “having” to ski by the Statue of the Man on federal property (Dec. 5 Beacon: “Whitefish Jesus Statue Challenge Salvaged by Local Atheist”). That fleeting moment, for you aren’t forced to stop, must be hell! But if you do […]

By Winnifred Storli

LETTER: The Value of Your Labor

Is your state Legislature and state employees hostile to the concept of equal protection under the law? Our public servants take an oath to protect this concept under the Constitution. Columbia Falls Rep. Jerry O’Neil poses a question more valuable than “gold.” Is the protection of the value of labor exclusive to government employees only? […]

By Bob Wagner

LETTER: To Die with Dignity

To die with dignity and choice is legal in Montana (and also in Washington and Oregon) if I am terminally ill, mentally competent and physically able to self-medicate. And if my physician of choice is willing and legally able to provide me with prescriptions that will enable me to be in control of my dying […]

By Lois Drobish

LETTER: Will They Ever Get it?

It is interesting to hear Mitt Romney complain (again) that people who support President Barack Obama are essentially folks who are dependent on government handouts. My husband and I voted for Obama and we are employed, we have healthcare, we pay taxes and we are not dependent on government services aside from the ones on […]

By Melissa Hartman

LETTER: Reflect Lincoln’s Values

I am concerned that America is drifting far away from the spiritual values that blessed and perhaps preserved our country two centuries ago. In 2008, a news commentator said that the new president elect was using the same tactic as Lincoln did in forming his cabinet; bringing around him those who had opposed his election. […]

By Harvey A. Town

LETTER: Nation at a Tipping Point

As I feared and as this election validates, the tipping point in our nation has been reached and exceeded. Those in favor of big government now outnumber those in favor of limited government. Once this point is reached, if history is any guide, there is no going back. The role of government in every aspect […]

By Bill Payne

LETTER: Secession Talk is Not Rational

As rational adults, when something we do not like happens, should we really have the attitude of “I am taking my toys and going home?” The fact that there are all these petitions out there from various states that have some residents who wish to secede from the union because President Barack Obama was reelected […]

By Day Scovel

LETTER: The Emperor’s New Clothes

We are all familiar with the children’s tale, the fleecing of a kingdom by swindlers that offer a new royal wardrobe better than all others. Only the worthy can see. And even though it can’t be seen, no-one will admit not seeing it, thereby being unworthy. Just keep paying us, trust us, it is beautiful. […]

By Bob Winger

LETTER: A Wake-Up Call

Immediately after the election, Tea Partiers and other so-called conservative groups started pointing the fingers and speaking out about how and why they lost the election. Here is one of the more ‘telling’ comments. Richard A. Viguerie, chairman of “ConservatieHQ.com” ended a press conference with these words: “Tea partiers will take over the Republican Party […]

By Bob McClellan

LETTER: Firefighters’ Ads Criticizing Rehberg Hypocritical

There are a number of televised political ads by unionized Billings firefighters taking Congressman Denny Rehberg to task for suing their city, not for money but in an effort to change policy between the fire department and property owners. They allege that the cost of defending this lawsuit, which Rehberg dropped, cost Billings taxpayers money […]

By Norm Johnson

LETTER: Tester Supports Veterans

While in the House, Congressman Denny Rehberg has voted for every budget busting tax cut for his fellow millionaires that comes before him and to involve us in unneeded wars. And yet he then votes for budgets that strip funding for veterans and first responders’ healthcare. When I was seeking help with the VA I […]

By Bob Petersen

LETTER: Romney is the Right Choice

I have followed with interest your recent coverage of the election. However, one key fact has been underemphasized in your reporting. Please remind your readers that our current president has had four years to dig us out of the economic slump, and has not done so. In fact, President Barack Obama’s “spend now, pay later” […]

By Michael Stevens

LETTER: Obama Moving Us in the Right Direction

While you have ably covered the upcoming election, I feel you should better highlight some important context. Four years ago, America faced its greatest economic crisis in generations. Employment was plummeting, and a second Great Depression appeared possible. Since taking office, President Barack Obama has worked tirelessly to stabilize the economy and rebuild America’s middle-class. […]

By Andrew Mills

LETTER: We Don’t Need Another George W. Bush

Mitt Romney wants to take the lead in the Middle East? Maybe he wants to arm the potential terrorists so they can kill thousands of Americans once they kiss and make up with each other. It’s a really bad idea and history tells us we’ll take it in the shorts. Oh man! I hope people […]

By Kathleen Maloney

LETTER: Nation That Forgets God Will Feel God’s Judgment

Like many Americans I watched some of the events at both the Democratic and Republican Conventions. I was not greatly inspired by either party; however, I was shocked as I listened to one session of the Democratic convention when the presiding chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, was desperately endeavoring to lead the convention in […]

By Harvey A. Town

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