Rationalizing Discrimination

Dave Skinner allies himself with dubious reasons as to why gay marriage should not be legal (May 23 Beacon: “Out of the Closet”). Many opponents of emancipation and women’s suffrage also claimed that their opposition was not based on any racism or sexism or on wishing to disenfranchise those people, but rather on “reason” such […]

By Stephanie Milner

Airport Vote Was Best Option

There are some citizens who are disappointed that the Kalispell City Council did not make a final decision on the Kalispell City Airport on May 21. I am also disappointed, even though I made the motion to put to the vote of the citizens of Kalispell a referendum on the November general election ballot that […]

By Bob Hafferman

Corporations are Not People

If you disagree with the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision, claiming that corporations are people, be aware of some facts concerning the case. The decision reversed over 100 years of constitutional law based on principles established by this nation’s founders. After all, we fought the Revolutionary War in part to achieve independence from […]

By Jerry Elwood

Siding with Big Labor Cronies

Last month Sen. Jon Tester voted with President Barack Obama and his Big Labor cronies to allow the controversial new “ambush elections” rule from the NLRB to take effect. This rule was widely opposed by small businesses because it would severely shorten the timeframe (as little as seven days) allowed for a union organizing election. […]

By George Everett

Natural Resource Gridlock

The Keystone pipeline debacle is symptomatic of a deep systemic problem in the United States. The federal environmental laws and regulations created since the 1960s act as barriers to progress. In the case of the Keystone, progress would look like reduced dependency on our enemies for oil, breathing time for the development of significant domestically […]

By Jim Simpson

Credit Where Credit is Due

As a former small-town journalist, I know that one major role of the news-media – especially in a small community like ours – is to “herald” the outstanding citizens who make this valley the wonderful place that it is. I was disappointed in a recent article that failed to accomplish just that. “Montana Beef, it’s […]

By Gavin Wisdom

Political Loyalty Over Facts

Most of us do not like it when one person controls things, controls our actions, blocks us, and holds power over our heads. But an interesting psychological phenomenon takes place even in such rather blatant abuses of our freedom to make our own choices. Case in point: Grover Norquist’s hold over the Republican members of […]

By Bob McClellan

Preventing Job Growth in Montana

How many congressmen does it take to connect two dots? A historic oil boom is underway in North Dakota. Unemployed Montanans are moving there for jobs. New businesses are booming in Williston yet the same massive Bakken oil formation lies in Montana, just 20 miles away. What is wrong with Montana oil? Ask yourself this […]

By Bette Schultz

Post Office Needed Some Common Sense

Do you know how much the secretary of defense makes per year? It is just a hair under $200,000. Now I want you to guess how much the postmaster general makes per year. Until lately he made almost twice what the secretary of defense makes. Sen. Jon Tester got a bill passed to reduce the […]

By Diane Grove

Montana Needs a Highway Bill

As contractors, we rely on predictability and certainty to grow our businesses, especially as construction season gets underway in Montana. Without a long-term plan to rebuild our infrastructure, contractors like us won’t be able to put more Montanans to work upgrading our roads and bridges. Without a long-term extension, we can’t sign new contracts, hire […]

By Deb Poteet & Dave Zinke

Exploiting Women for Political Gain

The rhetoric and misinformation produced by the Democrats to fool the public in their expanding efforts to divide our society and win votes through class warfare, racial dissension, and now its war against women are appalling! The latest falsehood is that Republicans are opposed to the Violence Against Women Act. Passed in 1994 with bipartisan […]

By Mimi Milheim

Exodus from ALEC

The conservative organization ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) has seen a rapid exodus of many of its business members. Recently the following companies have severed ties with ALEC: Mars, Inc., the Arizona Public Service Company, Kraft, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Coco-Cola, Pepsi Co, Intuit and the Gates Foundation. It will be interesting to see if any of […]

By Judy Elwood

City Airport Should be Put to Highest and Best Use

Here we go again! As someone wrote last week, “When will it end?” I’ve been here now two times now stemmed myself against the realization that as Norb Donahue and also Clarence Krepps, former city manager, who even then were aware of the fact that the location of the present city airport carries too many […]

By Carl Feig

Ignoring the Campaign Sign Ordinance

Right now in a seemingly endless election year we have lots of candidates vying for the chance to represent us in various government positions that require them to uphold and respect our laws and regulations. It appears that most of them think the sign ordinances don’t apply to them. Columbia Falls, Kalispell and Flathead County […]

By Karen Reeves

Leftists Lie About 1505

Don’t you just love election season? Have you heard the blitzkrieg of anti-Rehberg ads paid for by Citizens For Strength and Security? You know, the ones about the feds (Homeland Security) grabbing tens of thousands of square miles of our land, fencing us off from hunting and other uses and hazing us with helicopters when […]

By Dan Diamond

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