Time to End Foreign Aid

With 15 million Americans out of work, record home foreclosures, the largest number on food stamps and 25 percent of our school children living below poverty level, one might think it’s a good time to end foreign aid and instead concern ourselves with our own country. But no, foreign aid has become such an ingrained […]

By Bill Payne

Jesus of Historical Importance

Jesus of Nazareth is recognized worldwide among scholars, historians, archaeologists, even Muslims, Hindus, and Jews. His existence is indisputable, even by Dan Brown. So, one might ask, “What ‘religious law’ is established by a statue of this historical man resting on public property?” What about the memory of this man needs so desperately to be […]

By Brian Friess

Scale Back Taxi Regulations

The new ruling by the Montana Public Service Commission purportedly clarifies how “nonprofit” taxi services must operate and these new regulations will affect the services provided, free of charge, by the Ride Guy in Whitefish. The Ride Guy is a group of dedicated volunteers that seek to reduce to zero the number of people driving […]

By David A. Smith

City Managers Have Ballooned the Budget

The mayor and city council of Kalispell are looking for another high paid city manager. Next year we will vote to retain the city manager or go back to a mayor form of government. This vote happens every 10 years, or you can vote on the form of government every year if you can get […]

By Fred Hammel

Fiscal Sanity is Not ‘Far Right’

An Associated Press article entitled “Crowded field courts far-right voting bloc” recently appeared on the front pages of newspapers across Montana. The author, Matt Gouras refers to the far-right voting bloc, which he links to the Tea Party. Since when is being fiscally responsible, following the Constitution and supporting free markets far right? It sounds […]

By Julie Wolf

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