LETTER: Oppose Same-Day Voting/Registration

A recent editorial made a plea that we must retain “same-day voting/registration,” as it appeals to the dignity of the voter. If the dignity of a voter hinges on their registering and voting on the last day, Election Day, it speaks volumes to me and should to you. I feel many voters didn’t give any […]

By Linda Johnson

LETTER: Enforce Existing Veteran Employment Laws

Dear Senator Baucus, While I commend you on your effort to help out our returning veterans (I am a veteran myself), I write to share my mixed feelings about adding additional rules and laws to the already existing laws. We have in existence the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA), amended […]

By John O'Neil

LETTER: Time to Pass Forest Jobs and Recreation Act

Yet another year of gridlock has passed. It’s time for our lawmakers to finally come together and pass the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act (FJRA). If implemented, here’s what will happen locally on the Kootenai National Forest (KNF): • The act would mandate that 3,000 acres be mechanically treated annually for a minimum of 10 […]

By Three Rivers Challenge Partnership

LETTER: Apparently I’m Part of the 1 Percent

I woke up recently to a wonderful new realization. I am one of the top wage earners in our country. No, it’s true. Remember all through the election how Obama kept saying that it was time for the top earners to pay their fair share. When I picked up my paycheck from payroll last Thursday, […]

By Richard Funk

LETTER: The Patient Centered Medical Home Legislation and SB 84

Who could argue with healthcare that is patient centered? Let’s take the pretty words out and look at what it does and doesn’t do for Montana. To start, let us look at the part of the above title that has been tossed around awhile. Medical home concept, which was originally developed in the 1960s, refers […]

By Derek Skees

LETTER: Guarantee the Right to Vote

As the work of the 63rd Legislative Assembly proceeds, I want our legislators to remember the dignity of our citizens and their right to vote in our elections. Registering to vote, at a convenient time, is showing that we as a state appreciate citizen participation in our elections. Our current system has honored our citizens […]

By JoLynn Yenne

LETTER: Public Safety is a Two-Edged Sword

We’ve all heard the story of the unfortunate frog slowly boiled in a pot of water. It forgot to jump out. I guess you have to be French to enjoy that. Whenever principles are compromised, there can never be an end to its progressive elimination. In other words, few of us are for carrying semi-automatic […]

By Mike Donohue

LETTER: Time for NRA Members to Take Their Organization Back

I was waiting to hear the National Rifle Association’s response following the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School before commenting. To no surprise it was the same old hardline rhetoric. So it was with great interest to me when I read Bob Brown’s recent column on the NRA. Bob’s concern was the direction the NRA […]

By Frank Vitale

LETTER: Stop Killing Yellowstone Wolves

The decision of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to institute a closure to the wolf hunting season in areas surrounding Yellowstone National Park was a welcome intervention to what has gained international attention as a tragedy in the making. We applaud their moderate decision as not only the right thing to do, but as a […]

By April Lane

LETTER: More Guns Do Not Create More Murders

Crazy people have been doing horrible things since the dawn of time and will continue to do so regardless of what anti-gun laws you or lawmakers decide to impose on citizens. More guns do NOT create more murders. Nearly every home in Switzerland has a gun and yet they have one of the world’s lowest […]

By David S. Hardy

LETTER: To the Intoxicated Driver from New Year’s Eve

You and I met at about 1:30 a.m. on New Year’s Eve. I was waiting in line for a taxi in downtown Whitefish. You were slumped over the steering wheel of your running vehicle at the corner of East First Street and Central Avenue. It took a minute to realize what was about to happen […]

By Graham Halsall

LETTER: Dogs Not Treated Like Man’s Best Friend

I am writing this letter, merely an expression of my experiences. I am disappointed to see so many dogs run off leash throughout the town of Whitefish, and saddened to personally witness two of them hit by cars on U.S. Highway 93 this past summer. Let’s see. A family has a woodpile in their backyard […]

By Brett C. Verlen

LETTER: We Need to Empower Ourselves Against Becoming Victims

One crazed, evil individual caused irreparable damage to a school, a town, a nation, a world. We feel compelled to act, to do something, anything, in the face of this horrific act. But an emotional reaction only gives up our power into the hands of the sick perpetrator of this crime. Do we really want […]

By Debbie Burke

LETTER: To the Individuals Who Broke Into Our Home

It has been a couple weeks since the three of you decided to invade our home, our privacy and our lives. I suspect that you think that we deserved it somehow, or that maybe one of our “kids” did. At this point I don’t think it matters, what does matter is that all three of […]

By Lane Smith

LETTER: The War on Guns

In the 1920s the 18th amendment went into effect. This amendment made the manufacture, sale and distribution of alcohol illegal in the United States. Immediately following this the manufacture, sale, transportation and use of alcohol increased exponentially – along with gang violence. The war on alcohol failed and in the 1933s the 21st amendment repealed […]

By Chris Stafford

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