The New Republican Party

The official position of the Montana Republican Party is to oppose abortion in all cases

By David Eychner

A Message to Newcomers of Montana

Montana has a whole different lifestyle of slower driving, laid back and friendly attitude and just pain nice people

By Chris Zarcone

The ‘Great Middle’ 

Moderate voters are effectively left out of our elections unless we all vote in the Republican primary since so many local offices are determined solely by the winner of the primary

By Carol and John Santa

Gravel Bar to Remain Unprotected 

Emergency access to the gravel bar must be improved and a camp host with eyes and feet on the site would go a long way to solving most of the problems

By Dan Diamond

Support a Woman’s Right to Choose 

No rights should ever be taken away from women, especially by the opposite sex and more especially by ignorant men who know very little if anything about woman’s physiology or medicine

By Eugene Beckes

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