A Preposterous Plan

Northwestern Energy, a private company, wants to use their shareholders money to acquire even more polluting coal

By Carol Blake

Property Tax Fiasco

The reality of Republican manipulations to our tax system is that wealthy landowners and millionaires were given a huge break

By David Daniels

Thoughts on the Income Tax Rebate

The Montana State Hospital, which serves the most vulnerable members of our society, struggles because of the lack of funding

By John C. Board

Tim Sheehy for U.S. Senate?

Republican leadership in Montana seems to be working at distancing themselves from the people

By Sid Daoud

Tax Relief or Cover Up?

Remember that this increase will be permanent, whereas the postcard rebate that you have to apply for is temporary

By Ellen Sullivan

Property Tax Fix, Sales Tax Plot

Convene a one-day special session of the Legislature to reduce the state residential property tax rate from 1.35 to 0.94 percent

By Mary Ann Dunwell

Safe and Courteous Boating

There appears to be more and more boaters who are not aware of the regulations relating to water safety

By Terry Myhre

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