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Right on Target

Since 2002, the National Archery in Schools Program has taught more than 18 million kids about archery, including in the Flathead Valley


Companionable Silence

Companions in silence, a conversation between a cowboy and his horse requires no words


How About Them Apples

Northwest Montana is home to many old homesteads and heritage apple orchards, and some dedicated enthusiasts spend their days tracking down and cultivating the best of the crop


Old Fashioned

A timeless cocktail with a boozy punch and a (comparatively) simple origin story


Lake Houses

The lake is no longer just for the summer months and days spent on the water


Painted Rocks

Take to the water to view this collection of ancient cliffside pictographs above Flathead Lake


An Agriculture Encyclopedia

From insect identification, hops research, agritourism and wrangling the county’s 4H programs, Flathead County’s lone extension agent has had her fingerprints on nearly every outdoor-adjacent niche in the valley

48 Degrees North

Logging with Horse Power

Long before powerful skidders moved logs around the forest, draft horses did all the heavy lifting

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